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Frequently Asked Questions - Using the Map Browser

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These Frequently Asked Questions provide information about us and our work. If you cannot find the answer you are looking for in the sections above, contact us using the details at the bottom left of each page.

What does the Map Browser show me?
In the Map Browser, you choose the boundary dataset which you want to view using the drop down boxes at the top. The Map Browser shows you that boundary dataset on top of current Ordnance Survey mapping. You can zoom in on the map using the zoom control at the top left of the map. You can scroll around the map using the pan control at the top left of the map. You can also pan around the map by clicking and dragging on it.

Why are the boundaries sometimes shown in red and sometimes shown in blue?
The Map Browser alternates between showing a boundary layer in red and showing it in blue to help you see that you have changed the boundary layer you are looking at.

What web browser do I need for the Map Browser?
The Map Browser will work in a wide range of modern web browsers, including Internet Explorer 8 or later, Chrome or Firefox.

Using Internet Explorer 10, why are the maps sometimes displayed wrongly?
There is a known incompatibility between Internet Explorer 10 (IE10) and the OpenSpace system which Ordnance Survey uses to provide us with background mapping for the Map Browser. The consequnce of this is that users of IE10 may find that the map appears wrongly after they have panned and zoomed around the map extent 15 times or more. We have notified Ordnance Survey of this problem, and they are working on a resolution. In the meantime, if this happens to you, you will need to refresh the Map Browser page.

Can I print a map?
Yes. Use the usual printing facilities in your web browser. As an alternative, we have printable PDF maps of many of these areas elsewhere on the websites of each Commission which you can download or print.

How can I search for a location?
To show a specific location in the Map Browser, you can use the gazetteer search at the top of the map. Enter either a postcode or a placename, and click the Find button.

Can I display more than one set of boundaries on top of each other?
No, the Map Browser can only display 1 boundary dataset at a time.

Why do I sometimes see a pink square instead of a map?
Sometimes the software which generates the boundary information for the map which you see on screen does not operate correctly, and as a result part of the map appears as a pink square. If you zoom in or out, this should resolve itself.

The Commissions | Using the Map Browser | About the boundaries

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